Briefly in English:

The choir has been established year 1923.  During its activity years, the choir has been conducted itself several places naturally in Finland but also abroad.  The foreign visits have oriented towards Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, former Sovjet Union area and many times to Estonia and all the Scandinavian countries including also Iceland.  Hyvinkään Työväen Mieskuoro has also visited in every Twin Cities of the City of Hyvinkää. Motala in Sweden, Egersund in Norway, Korsör in Denmark, Kecskemét in Hungary, Bad Hersfeld in Germany and Kostroma in Russia.  The choir has the friendship choirs in Tallinn Estonia and in Tromsö Norway

The choir has a significant concert activities every year both in Hyvinkää and also outside of the home town, during the operational years the choir is well known in many areas of Finland.  It has participated in many Choir Festivals including IDOCO and the Nordic NASOM ones.  It is the most active choir in Hyvinkää, it is singing in the city and parish events and it's traditions are for example the concert-visits in old people's homes and hospitals every Christmas- and Spring- time. 

The current repertoire of the Hyvinkään Työväen Mieskuoro consists of traditional music for men's choir, folk songs as well the modern entertainment music, they have also a lot of music varying from church to pubs.  The choir has published several recordings and been in radio shows.    At December 2011 there has been published the new CD of Christmas Carols and August 2014 sea-related songs on CD "Meren aalloilla" .   There has always been a smaller music groups inside the choir, nowadays there are "Aristomarkut" quartet and "Otto Baritones" -double quartet. 

The conductor Anu Sepp has now approx. 30 active singers in Hyvinkään Työväen Mieskuoro.  The choir has also a well organized lady's section of twelve ladies, they have helped the choir i.a. with dresses and accessories.

If you like to contact the choir, please use the "Ota yhteyttä" -button on the left.